photographer: Unknown
Features some top of the line problems, with the steepest lines on Erikstein. Classic in this area: Anabol høyreskulder, 7b 180, 7a+ Kremtopp 6a+ Joder 7a. Go up to 3 etasje, then walk to the far right side. The first boulder is Joder before the nice BCA warm up boulders.


Anabol høyreskulder 7B Joakim Louis Sæther (2 ascents) Sittende start
180 7A+ Joakim Louis Sæther Stående start i dobbel underkling.
Uten sikkerhetsnett 6B+
Lars Ottar Halvorsen (1 ascent) Sittende start
C 5+
B 5
A 4+