photographer: Unknown
Beautiful lines on mostly free standing stones. The classics in this sector is (from left to right) - Mandagsklubben 7b+, crimpy and a bit reachy - Mammut 7b, super proud highball problem - Tor med hammern 7b+, traverse on super solid nice rock - Premium 7a, a technical slab! Super classic. Same approach as sector skogen, but turn right when you reach sector Skogen. The classic highball test piece Mammut (7b) is soon to be seen on your left hand.


Fanitulen, lav start 7C+
Joakim Louis Sæther
Mammut, lav start 7C Joakim Louis Sæther
Mandagsklubben 7B+
Øyvind Salvesen
Hutla 7B Kjetil Kite Ydstebø
Mammut 7B
Gullgrotta 7A+ Martin Strand, Svein Germundsen
Enough sæd 7A Joakim Louis Sæther
Påskeeggen 7A Kjetil Kite Ydstebø
Kamikazekrimp 6C Joakim Louis Sæther
Kavmaga 6B+
Fin 6A
Reachy 6A