photographer: Jostein Øygarden
photographer: Elisabeth Risa, in photo: Jarle Risa
photographer: Jostein Øygarden, in photo: Tore Årthun
photographer: Maria Davies Sandbu, in photo: Martin Mobråten
photographer: Martin Mobråten, in photo: Bjørn Sætnan, Einar Sulheim, Ida Marie Høiaas, Maria Davies Sandbu, Martin Mobråten
photographer: Anine Eriksen, in photo: John Henry Nilssen
photographer: Erik Grandelius, in photo: Erik Grandelius
photographer: Max Räuber, in photo: Max Räuber
Nr: 10
Comment: Start innerst i taket og så rett ut taket
FA: Martin Mobråten
FA date: 09/04-17
Original grade: 8B
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John Henry Nilssen
Max Räuber
little bit sharp at the top and the start but all the other holds are nice and the climbing is awsome pure tension all the way


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